Healthy ways to handle the struggles of the '4th Trimester'

While the nine months of pregnancy could feel quite exciting, they could also be uncomfortable and stressful. Unfortunately, those feelings may not immediately go away as soon as the baby is born. Instead, you may be faced with the “4th trimester”, which is when many women deal with pain from childbirth and deal with the struggles of being a new mother. It can be an extra adjustment if your child is unwell or has any neurodevelopmental issues. Here at Babybumpa, we love to see moms live their best lives after giving birth to a lovely child, so we assembled some tips for how you can overcome some of the struggles of the 4th trimester.

Recovering after a C-Section

If you are among the one out of three mothers that give birth to your child via C-section, then you will want to make some adjustments to mitigate your discomfort. You’ll likely have some pain in your lower belly and the doctor will likely prescribe you pain medicine to take for the next two weeks or so. All in all, you will want to take it easy for at least six months before you do anything strenuous.

It is a wise idea to prepare before birth by purchasing some items that will help you to get through the 4th trimester with a C-section. That might include a skin salve, which will soothe your skin and help with bruising. You should also look into getting an abdominal binder that can reduce your postoperative pain and help keep the abdominal wall intact. It is also advisable to consider obtaining some high-waisted underwear that is specifically meant for those who have had C-sections. This underwear is great because it won’t dig into your skin and it provides a comfortable fit for any body type. You can typically find great underwear on your high street or online shops sites like Amazon and use your Prime Account to have it delivered ASAP.

Dealing With Your Larger Bust Size

It is only natural to have a larger bust size during the 4th trimester, but don’t fret as you just need to take it one step at a time. If you are breastfeeding your baby, then use a pillow to keep everything at the right height so you are comfortable, and the child is fed properly. Change positions if necessary until you find something that works. You can also try shaping the breast so your baby can get the right connection so they can eat correctly. You also need to be comfortable even when you are not breastfeeding, so you will need a good bra. You can go to a maternity store and have a bra fitted exactly to your bust size so you know it will be a good match.

Taking Time Off if You’re Self-Employed

You might think it would be easier for self-employed mothers to take time off from work. However, because of the responsibilities that go with being an entrepreneur, it takes a bit more planning. Multitasking is a must, and often calls for a bit of creativity. Also, don’t be afraid to hire a virtual assistant, if necessary.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

It is also natural to gain some weight during the process but don’t despair. Once you have had the adequate amount of rest, you can start to get up and walk around to get some exercise. Taking your child for long walks around the neighbourhood will do wonders. You should also write down the food that you eat every day and make the proper adjustments. Avoid foods high in trans-fats because they will just make you feel lethargic. As you can see, here are several things that you can do to make the 4th trimester more comfortable and less awkward. Take your time after a C-section, find a good pair of underwear, and get some exercise when you feel up to it, and you will get through this time.

Overall, the 4th 'trimester' could be quite a challenging time for most mothers. However, arming yourself with the right knowledge and being prepared could help make things less daunting.

Ashley McLean


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